101 Transit Center
149 27th St & Hillside Outbd
772 Transit Operations Center
21001 Douglas and St. Francis OB
21002 Douglas and St. Francis IB
21003 Douglas and Rock Island OB
21004 Douglas and Mead IB
25009 Central and Washington OB
25010 Central and Indiana IB
28001 Douglas and Washington OB
28002 Washington and Douglas IB
28005 Washington and 2nd St OB
28006 Washington and 2nd St IB
28007 Cleveland and Murdock OB
28008 Washington and Central IB
28009 Cleveland and Central OB
28010 Cleveland and Central IB
28011 Cleveland and 8th St OB
28013 Cleveland and 9th St OB
28015 Cleveland and 10th St OB
28016 Cleveland and 9th St IB
28017 11th St and Mathewson OB
28019 11th St and Hydraulic OB
28020 11th St and Mathewson IB
28021 10th St and Hydraulic OB
28022 11th St and Hydraulic IB
28023 9th St and Minnesota OB
28024 10th St and Kansas IB
28025 9th St and Ash OB
28026 9th St and Minnesota IB
28027 Grove and 9th St OB
28029 Grove and 11th St OB
28030 9th St and Madison IB
28031 Grove and 13th St OB
28032 Grove and 9th St IB
28033 Grove and 15th St OB
28034 Grove and 10th St IB
28035 Grove and 17th St OB
28037 Grove and 19th St OB
28038 Grove and 13th St IB
28039 Grove and 20th St OB
28040 Grove and 15th St IB
28041 Grove and 21st St OB
28043 21st St & Jardine OB
28045 21st St & Minnesota OB
28047 Minnesota and 22nd OB
28049 Minnesota and 24th OB
28051 25th St and Ash OB
28053 25th St and Grove OB
28055 25th St and Estelle OB
28056 Hillside and 21st St IB
28057 25th St and Erie OB
28059 25th St and Hillside OB
28060 37th St and Hydraulic OB
28061 Coleman
300054 Hillside and Shadybrook
300056 17th St. N. and Chautauqua
300057 17th and Hillside Westbound
300058 17th St. N. and Volutsia
300059 17th St. N. and Grove Wb