101 Transit Center
359 Eck Stadium Inbound
411 Hubbard Hall Outbound
772 Transit Operations Center
847 21st St and Webb OB
1053 21st St and Greenwich
20161 39th St & Webb Rd Northbd
20162 35th and Webb
21001 Douglas and St. Francis OB
21002 Douglas and St. Francis IB
21003 Douglas and Rock Island OB
21004 Douglas and Mead IB
21005 Douglas and Ida OB
21006 Douglas and Washington IB
21007 Douglas and Pattie OB
21008 Douglas and Ohio IB
21009 Douglas and Lulu OB
21010 Douglas and Matthewson IB
21011 Douglas and Greenwood OB
21012 Douglas and Hydraulic IB
21013 Douglas and Kansas OB
21014 Douglas and Kansas IB
21015 Douglas and Ash OB
21016 Douglas and Ash IB
21017 Douglas and Grove OB
21018 Douglas and Grove IB
21019 Douglas and Green OB
21020 Douglas and Green IB
21021 Douglas and Volutsia OB
21022 Douglas and Volutsia IB
21023 Douglas and Chautauqua OB
21024 Douglas and Chautauqua IB
21026 Hillside and 1st St IB
21027 Hillside and Douglas OB
21029 Hillside and 1st St OB
21030 Hillside and 3rd St IB
21031 Hillside and 2nd St OB
21032 Hillside and Central IB
21033 Hillside and 3rd St OB
21034 Hillside and Murdock IB
21035 Hillside and Central OB
21036 Hillside and 9th St IB
21037 Hillside and Murdock OB
21038 Hillside and 11th St IB
21039 Hillside and 9th St OB
21040 Hillside and 13th St IB
21041 Hillside and 11th St OB
21042 Hillside and 15th St IB
21043 Hillside and 13th St OB
21044 17th St & Hillside IB
21045 Hillside and 15th St OB
21046 Elliott Hall IB
21047 17th St and Hillside OB
21049 Duerksen Fine Arts Center
21050 21st St & Oliver IB
21052 21st St and Battin IB
21053 21st St and Oliver OB
21054 21st St & Ridgewood IB
21055 21st St and Battin OB
21056 21st St & Edgemoor IB
21057 21st St and Ridgewood OB
21058 21st St & Beaumount IB
21059 21st St and Edgemoor OB
21060 21st ST and Woodlawn IB
21061 21st St and Farmstead OB
21062 21st ST and Brittany Ctr IB
21063 21st St and Beaumont OB
21064 21st St and Stratford
21067 21st St and Stratfrd OB
21068 21st St and Broadmoor
21069 7111 E 21st St OB
21070 21st St and Rock IB
21071 21st St and Broadmoor OB
21072 21st St and Bradley Fair Pkwy IB
21073 21st St and Rock OB
21074 21st St and Greenleaf
21075 21st St and Bradley Fair Pkwy OB
21076 21st St and Webb IB
21077 21st St and Greenleaf OB
21080 21st St and Cranbrook IB
21082 21st St and Greenwich IB
21083 21st St and Cranbrook OB
21084 Greenwich and 22nd St IB
21086 Greenwich and K96 IB
21087 Greenwich and 22nd St OB
21088 2756 N Greenwich
21089 Greenwich and K96 OB
21090 Wichita Sports Forum
210651 21st St and Brittany Center OB
210781 21st St and Vinegate OB
300005 Webb and Clubhouse
300006 Web and Shannon Woods
300007 Webb and 35th St. N
300008 WSU Tech North Campus
300009 Webb and 34th St. N
300011 Candlewood Suites on Webb
300012 Courtyard Marriott on Webb
300013 Webb and Plumthicket